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Love in the Last Days

A new psychological exploration of the Tristan and Iseult legend.

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Brief Bibliography

A Night in Brooklyn

"The poet D. Nurkse's New York is worlds away from gentrification... These are not easy poems, but they don't play tricks on the reader, either. Stay with one and it will unfold into a meditation on birth, death, longing or loneliness. And even a casual tour through this short collection returns delights..."
New York Times

The Fall

Craig Raine, Areté, UK:  'Nurkse writes brilliantly, truthfully, about being a child growing up, love, sex, the failure of love. . .setting down the most intensely personal states with the coolest impersonality. . . .Nurkse is a world-class writer.'"

The Border Kingdom

"D. Nurkse's The Border Kingdom is another of his poetical maps of liminality and indeterminacy, whose betraying contours make arrivals fraught, settlement tentative, and departures mockeries of escape... Look closely and a world of mastery comes into view." --American Book Review

Burnt Island

"...considerable emotional and psychological range..."
"a solid, brilliant reminder... that the anguish of finding apt names for our experiences remains among the chief, if precarious, sources of redemption in [our] age..."
American Book Review